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March 21 Message From Pastor Shane

Williamsville United Methodist Church

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We can look back over history and read about moments that changed people, outlooks, ways and perhaps paths. Even in our own lives, we can look back at key moments that changed everything. 

In times of struggle and fear some of our heroes made tough decisions in a moment that saved lives our promoted new ideas that paved a new way 

The point is, at this time in history it is our moment. This time will be read about in history books one day and we have a unique opportunity to make decisions on how we respond and what is written 
As individuals and as a church, but do not rush to separate the two, we are the church Monday- Saturday as much as Sunday. 

Alone or together we are ambassadors for Jesus, the world looks different if we live into that truth….what a time, what an opportunity, what a moment 

The scriptures are full of stories that had moments, a decision was made that changed everything, or kept the story on the path for Gods ultimate story, his son. 
From Abraham to go, Moses to tell (Pharaoh), Jesus to die- then rise, and Paul to preach verse persecute. I pull from these stories, these truths in this time, that we can decide what stories are told about us one day, in this moment. 

How do you want the story to go? we have a choice…pray about how God wants to use your story now, to inspire later.

Please join me tomorrow morning at 9 a.m for prayer, if there is something specific, message me. As you know we love to pray with one another, so we can join in spirit from our homes
Again, I will follow up through different platforms, I encourage you to worship online tomorrow as well. 

Your word is a lamp to guide me
and a light for my path.
(Psalm 119:105)

Hold the line loved ones

Pastor Shane Sims
Pastor Shane Sims

Shane Sims Pastor, Williamsville United Methodist Church Bio Pastor Shane Sims comes to us as his first appointment. Recently graduating from License to Preach School and Previously serving as a Lay Leader at Springfield First United Methodist Church as a Campus Pastor. Where over time he was mentored and developed by multiple pastoral leaders. He has a passion for the lost to be reached and for the church to meet them right where they are in life. Pastor Shane believes and his teachings encourage that everyone is loved by God and there is a plan for each life. He brings innovative ideas, with a biblical foundation to GO into the world and make disciples. Pastor Shane is in the process of finishing his education at Western Illinois University and furthering his education through Divinity Studies. He resides in Springfield with his lovely wife Yanin ( and no this is not a misspelling), daughter Addyson, two sons Max and Sebastian. Hobbies include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, working out and spending time with family and friends.