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February 3, 2019 Heard in Church


As the congregation entered the sanctuary , they were greeted by Howard or Lisa Nichols. Flickering candles burned while beautiful music was presented by our pianist , Linda  Selinger, preparing those present for the worship service to begin.

Pastor Meredith welcomed everyone with smiles and opened arms, requesting those who were able to stand or remain seated and  “sing with gusto!” the Gathering Song, “Sweet, Sweet Spirit.” 

This was immediately followed by the congregation participating in the Call to Worship taken from the book of Psalm, chapter 71. 

Pastor Meredith asked the children in the congregation to come gather together for a special Children’s Time as part of the worship hour.  

The message given by Pastor  this morning was, “Believing and Doing.”

Holy Communion was offered to all present and the sharing of the bread and the cup was administered by Pastor Meredith and Carol Sims. 


The quilters groups have continued to be busy through the holidays and on into the new year.  

The Nimble Fingers Quilters. (Traditional hand quilters)  will gather from 8:00-11:30 Monday, and the Knotty Quilters will meet on Thursday at 9:00 am this week. Everyone is welcome, and there is always room for more interested in this craft.  

The quilts the Knotty Quilters make are part of one of the many mission projects of WUMC.   Each resident of Cunningham Children’s Home in Champaign receives a new quilt upon leaving the home. 

The monthly Senior Potluck will be Tuesday, February 5 at Noon.   Bring a dish to share with others and individual table service.   Drinks will be provided. Come enjoy a meal with good food and Christian fellowship.  Everyone is welcome and invited to attend this small monthly gathering held in the Green Room on the ground level of the church. 

Those providing ingredients for the soup/chili lunch were reminded to have them at the church kitchen  by Wednesday, February 6.  

The book sale is from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm   Not only all kinds of books will be available but CDs and DVDs as well.    Any questions regarding this sale, contact Sandy Moynahan at 217-414-0095. 

Lunch begins at 10:30 am and lasts until 1:00 pm.  An all-you-can-eat meal of homemade chili or vegetable soup, dessert, and a drink is only $5.00.  If anyone has questions regarding the lunch, please contact Laura Smith at 217-816-6405. 

Wednesday, February 6, the Ad Council will meet at 7:00 pm. 

If anyone has any questions regarding church activities or needing other information, please call the church office:  217-566-3614.  Rev. Meredith Brown, our new WUMC  Interim Pastor, can also be reached by calling the church or by calling or texting:  872-221-2545 or  She and her family live in Leland Grove (Springfield).  


Paul Finley had a heart procedure completed this week, causing him to stay overnight in the hospital for one night.  He is currently home recuperating and being looked after by his loving wife, Lori, and two furry creatures as nurses.  

It was good to have Michelle Seif back in church once again. 


For all unspoken requests as well as those individuals listed on our prayer list, we sincerely ask the Lord for his mercy and to receive our prayers being lifted up to him.  


Greeters for next week will be Donna Slavens and Lori Finley.  Coffee Fellowship following the morning worship service will be hosted by Marsha Menzel and Kathy Lemme.  See you then.  

Pastor Meredith Brown
Pastor Meredith Brown

REV. MEREDITH MANNING BROWN, Interim Pastor Rev. Meredith Manning Brown is an experienced pastor and ministry leader, focused on innovative congregations and spiritual entrepreneurship. With decades of ministry leadership experience, Meredith has led multiple new church planting efforts, pastored through several church revitalization and growth projects, and served in senior ministry staff positions in large and small congregations across the United States. Most recently, Pastor Meredith served as the Lead Planting Pastor for the new Evergreen United Methodist Faith Community in Lacey, Washington, an innovative, neighborhood-based, progressive, intergenerational community focused on connecting with people who don’t know, don’t like or have had enough of church as usual. Through her coaching and consulting ministry ( Pastor Meredith shares her experience and perspective to support leaders seeking to integrate their spiritual practices, their missional callings, and their household relationships into their busy lives as innovators and leaders in the church, businesses, and public life.
 Pastor Meredith is a United Methodist Elder with membership in the New England Conference. A native of Austin, Texas, she is a proud graduate of Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana where she completed a B.A. in religion, a B.M. in sacred music, and a Certificate of Church Careers. She holds a Master in Sacred Music degree and a Master of Divinity degree from Boston University School of Theology. Pastor Meredith lives in Springfield with her delightful husband, two active teen-aged daughters, and a lazy housecat. She is also a happy experimental baker, loves to go adventuring with her family, and is the holder of the Brown Family Tournament of Games and Round-Robin Classic record for the most yahtzees rolled in a single game.