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December 16, 2018 Heard in & Seen in Church



Carol Sims welcomed those present with warm Christian greetings.  She commented on the wonderful Celebration of Life that was held for Pastor Dick on Wednesday and what a great tribute was shown him by the huge crowd present that day.   She reminded everyone to keep Carole Jean and her family in their prayers.  

Forty poinsettias have been put on the altar and around the  sanctuary in honor and in memory of loved ones, adding a depth of color  to coordinate with the other decorations of the season.  

A special Christmas project the church undertakes annually is that of seeing a local family or families have a joyous Christmas.  This year we have three families with a total of eight children we are helping.   Three are in grade school, three in junior high, and two are high schoolers.  Sandy Moynahan, UMW president, is coordinating this project with the schools.   Toys and clothing will be purchased with the money received for this mission project and given to the families.

An additional winter mission project is to provide warmth for the homeless in the form of socks. Please bring in NEW  long men’s socks and place in the  box designated for them located on the altar in the sanctuary.   This project will continue through the month of December.  They will then be gathered together and taken to Helping Hands for distribution early in the new year.  Carol Sims would like to see a minimum number of donated socks reach 100 pairs or more. 

The annual cookie walk and pancake breakfast was held yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who helped in any way to make this another successful project.  There were many delicious homemade goodies to choose from.  

As the congregation entered the sanctuary , they were greeted by Jo and Bob Tibbs .  Jen and Rex Williamson lit the Advent candles, and the congregation enjoyed special music from Linda Selinger and her choir.   Greeters for next week will be Dorothy Lugibill and Alice Franklin.

This week the pulpit was filled by Rev. Kieth Anderson.   He will continue to fill in the void  left by Pastor Dick  during the month of December, including the Christmas Eve candlelight service. An appointment to the church should be decided upon by the Bishop and Conference by the first of the year.

The Nimble Fingers Quilters will gather from 8:00-11:30 Monday, December 17.  Everyone is welcome, and there is always room for one more.

Choir practice is Wednesday at 6:00 pm. as Linda prepares her group for their special Advent music. 

Carol announced the church had received a special invitation to attend the Longest Night service held this Friday night, December 21 at 7:00 at Douglas Avenue United  Methodist Church.  This annual service is to bring together those who have lost loved ones the previous year. 

A clipboard was passed among the congregation for people to sign up as greeters and coffee fellowship hosts for the new year. 

If anyone has any questions regarding church activities, please call the church office:   217-566-3614.


First-time visitors included Rev. Anderson’s daughter, Kiersten Anderson  and her boyfriend who are visiting Chatham while on winter break from college.


Howie Nichols proudly announced that their son, Tylor, graduated from the University of Missouri,  and he already has a job in Kansas City. 

Laura Smith told us their older daughter graduated from nurse’s training Friday. 

Harry Milner happily expressed his joy in announcing that today he and Val are celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary.  Today is also his birthday. 



Prayers are being lifted for the entire Piscatelli family in their travels back home and as they try to  regain their routines of life following Pastor’s passing. 

Carolyn Sue Bishop continues with her rehab,  following her knee replacement.  She is still experiencing quite a bit of pain but is back home in Williamsville.  We hope to see her back in church soon and pray for a complete recovery.

Reverend Keith Anderson
Jen and Rex Williamson Lighting the Advent Candles
Lifting Our Needs to God
Over Flow Window
Pastor Meredith Brown
Pastor Meredith Brown

REV. MEREDITH MANNING BROWN, Interim Pastor Rev. Meredith Manning Brown is an experienced pastor and ministry leader, focused on innovative congregations and spiritual entrepreneurship. With decades of ministry leadership experience, Meredith has led multiple new church planting efforts, pastored through several church revitalization and growth projects, and served in senior ministry staff positions in large and small congregations across the United States. Most recently, Pastor Meredith served as the Lead Planting Pastor for the new Evergreen United Methodist Faith Community in Lacey, Washington, an innovative, neighborhood-based, progressive, intergenerational community focused on connecting with people who don’t know, don’t like or have had enough of church as usual. Through her coaching and consulting ministry ( Pastor Meredith shares her experience and perspective to support leaders seeking to integrate their spiritual practices, their missional callings, and their household relationships into their busy lives as innovators and leaders in the church, businesses, and public life.
 Pastor Meredith is a United Methodist Elder with membership in the New England Conference. A native of Austin, Texas, she is a proud graduate of Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana where she completed a B.A. in religion, a B.M. in sacred music, and a Certificate of Church Careers. She holds a Master in Sacred Music degree and a Master of Divinity degree from Boston University School of Theology. Pastor Meredith lives in Springfield with her delightful husband, two active teen-aged daughters, and a lazy housecat. She is also a happy experimental baker, loves to go adventuring with her family, and is the holder of the Brown Family Tournament of Games and Round-Robin Classic record for the most yahtzees rolled in a single game.