AND IT CAME TO PASS The other night Carole and I decided to watch a Christmas movie. The one I choose was “Miracle on Thirty-fourth Street” with John Payne, Maureen O’Hara, Natalie Wood, and playing Kris Kringle was Edmund Gwenn. Seen it many times, and still enjoy the movie and I think I finally figured out why. It’s about believing, […]

A MESSAGE OF PEACE It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost upon us. Next Sunday will be unusual for it will be the last Sunday of Advent and at 7 we will celebrate Christmas Eve. You are invited to attend worship twice next week. It will be a special time celebrating the birth of God’s Son with family, friends, and […]

A MESSAGE OF FAITH AND COURAGE The focus of the birth of Christ has always been on Mary. Of course, without her, without her consent God would have had to turn elsewhere for the right person to conceive his only begotten Son. But that honor fell on Mary, a teenager engaged to a carpenter, who was still a virgin. That […]

Dec. 3,17 Advent 1, CHRISTMAS: A MESSAGE OF HOPE It’s wonderful to look at our new Advent and Christmas banners. Since this is the first Sunday of Advent we can see the advent theme of hope, faith, endurance, peace, and what brings them all together, and keeps them glowing, the middle candle, the Christ candle of love. The narration this […]

Nov 26,17 SEARCH AND RESCUE MISSION Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, which means many are preparing for Advent and Christmas. It begins for some with Black Friday shopping going on just about every day. For the consumer, it isn’t just the day after Thanksgiving any more, but it begins before and for some, those sales will last until at […]

Nov. 19.17 Luke 17:11-19 FAITH AND THANKSGIVING Welcome to Thanksgiving Sunday where faith and thanksgiving is the theme of the day. I believe faith and thanksgiving always go hand in hand. Faith, we know covers a multitude of things in our lives. And faith, as we know, is believing something or in the case of Christianity, it’s believing in someone, […]

ARE YOU READY FOR THE JOURNEY? Let me begin with a statement I found from a theologian, who was preparing his take on the Book of Joshua, the 24th chapter. He said, “It’s not that Americans have never heard of Jesus Christ. No nation is more exposed to constant religious bombardment by radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. The name “Jesus […]

The Apostle’s Creed IT’S A PERSONAL DECISION This morning we gather for Communion. This Sacrament that we receive reminds us about the life, teachings, death and the resurrection of Jesus. It reminds us that the one who suffered and died and rose again for each one of us, still lives today, still guides today, still forgives today, still fills today, […]

CHANGE IS GOOD Oct 29,17 The other day when we were in the hospital waiting for Carole’s heart Cath I happened to look on the wall near us and saw a poster with a piggy bank on it and some change being put in it. The title of that poster was “Change Is Good” and that I believe was where […]

WHAT CAN BE SAID ABOUT YOU? What kind of legacy will you leave in this life? What will people remember about you? How has your life made a difference in your family and with your friends? We may never ever think about those things but at the Celebration of Life for Linda Yokley there were some who were touched by […]