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February 24, 2019 Heard in Church


As the congregation entered the sanctuary , they were greeted by Judy Krell or Dorothy Lugibill.  Flickering candles burned on the altar while beautiful music was presented by our pianist and Music Director , Linda  Selinger, prepared those present for the worship service to begin.  

Pastor Meredith welcomed everyone with smiles and opened arms, requesting those who were able to stand or remain seated and  sing the Gathering Song, “We Are the Church.”

This was immediately followed by the congregation participating in the Call to Worship led by the Liturgist, Stephanie Tisckos. 

There were no children in the congregation this morning, but as Pastor Meredith noted that all present are children of God, she was presenting her comments usually reserved and directed to the young members of the church to all those present as a prelude to her sermon, “Love Overflowing.”

The message given by Pastor  today was based on continuing passages from last week taken from the Sermon on the Mount as written in the book of Luke 6: 27-38.


Our seasonal choir offers special music during the months of March and April during Sunday morning worship service and special Lent and Easter services.  Rehearsals are Wednesdays beginning at 6:00 pm.   Everyone is invited to join.  No need to “try out” to be a part of the group.  Check with Linda Selinger, Music Director, at 217-566- 2364 for more information. 

The quilters groups have continued to be busy.  

The Nimble Fingers Quilters. (Traditional hand quilters)  will gather at 8:00 Monday, and the Knotty Quilters will meet on Thursday at 9:00 am this week. Everyone is welcome, and there is always room for more interested in this craft.  

The quilts the Knotty Quilters make are part of one of the many mission projects of WUMC.   Each resident of Cunningham Children’s Home in Champaign receives a new quilt upon leaving the home. The latest completed quilts are shown hanging on the coral dividing wall for all to admire, awaiting delivery to their new owners.  

The knitters will gather round the fireplace at the Williamsville Public Library at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, February 28 under the guidance of Dorothy Lugibill.  All levels of expertise are encouraged to attend. 

The monthly potluck is at Noon on March 5.  Everyone is invited.  

If anyone has any questions regarding church activities or needing other information, please call the church office:  217-566-3614.  Rev. Meredith Brown, our new WUMC  Interim Pastor, can also be reached by calling the church or by calling or texting:  872-221-2545 or  She and her family live in Leland Grove (Springfield). )


Polly Wise is celebrating good news following her latest cancer CT Scan resulting in a clear report.  Her doctor wants another scan  in six months. 

Jo Tibbs is continuing to heal and adjust to her new living situation in Riverton. 

Michelle Seif is healing well at home. 


Prayers for the families who have recently lost loved ones:    Wanita Stevens’, Harry Milner’s mother’s memorial service was held on Tuesday.    Melanie  Bice passed away from cancer this past week. 

Jennifer Williamson’s mother, Sandra Waltz, was recently diagnosed with ALS.  

Prayers for those serving in our military for their protection and guidance.  

We pray for peace and unity of the United Methodist Church, particularly during the General Conference meeting at St Louis this week. 

For all unspoken requests as well as those individuals listed on our prayer list, we sincerely ask the Lord for his mercy and to receive our prayers being lifted up to him.  

Pastor Shane Sims
Pastor Shane Sims

Shane Sims Pastor, Williamsville United Methodist Church Bio Pastor Shane Sims comes to us as his first appointment. Recently graduating from License to Preach School and Previously serving as a Lay Leader at Springfield First United Methodist Church as a Campus Pastor. Where over time he was mentored and developed by multiple pastoral leaders. He has a passion for the lost to be reached and for the church to meet them right where they are in life. Pastor Shane believes and his teachings encourage that everyone is loved by God and there is a plan for each life. He brings innovative ideas, with a biblical foundation to GO into the world and make disciples. Pastor Shane is in the process of finishing his education at Western Illinois University and furthering his education through Divinity Studies. He resides in Springfield with his lovely wife Yanin ( and no this is not a misspelling), daughter Addyson, two sons Max and Sebastian. Hobbies include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, working out and spending time with family and friends.